Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can strike at any time—during work, while at church, or in the middle of a school event. Without AEDs and CPR, the prospects for survival are bleak. Fewer than 10% of SCA victims typically survive, but studies show that 30% to 50% would likely survive if CPR and AEDs were used within five minutes of collapse.1 ZOLL® provides AED and CPR solutions for schools, fitness centers, churches, corporations, police stations, and other organisations that serve the public.

1Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, 2008

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The Importance of CPR Feedback

High-quality CPR is crucial to any rescue attempt. Many lay rescuers have little experience with CPR, and even professionals benefit from monitoring and support. Real-time CPR feedback technology in ZOLL’s AEDs provides real-time CPR feedback on compression depth and rate to help rescuers consistently deliver better CPR.