Data Management and Documentation

ZOLL offers the most comprehensive pre-hospital and hospital data management systems available, including software solutions for EMS dispatch, field data collection, crew scheduling, billing and collections, and hospital code recording and reporting.

How ZOLL Data Management and Documentation Works

  • RescueNet® is a suite of fully integrated fire and EMS software solutions that streamlines operations by managing defibrillator resuscitation data from the time of the call through payment.
  • Defibrillator Dashboard is an asset management tool that ensures a maximal state of defibrillator readiness by alerting appropriate personnel of potential problems before a code.
  • Standard WiFi Communication sends information about ZOLL defibrillators' readiness and test records to the Defibrillator Dashboard.
  • SurePower Battery Management System eliminates blind, blanket battery replacements by helping you understand the demands your organisation places on its defibrillator batteries.
  • RescueNet® CaseReview simplifies EMS data collection because at the end of a call, you can send X Series® files from the field directly to your system. And accessing your case files is as easy as opening your web browser.