Propaq MD

Propaq MD is an ultra-lightweight, airworthy monitor/defibrillator that provides advanced monitoring capabilities, including full Masimo rainbow SET™ technology.

Tactical Evacuation Care Ready

Propaq® MD offers multiple display modes to operate in bright sunlight or during night missions (NVG-friendly display). The battery system and AC power charger provide worldwide sea, land, and air operating capabilities for this rugged device. Propaq MD can monitor all physiologic parameters and provide numerous shocks for over six hours on a single battery charge.

The Propaq MD is the smallest, lightest military airworthy device that provides advanced monitoring capabilities, and integrated evidenced-based defibrillation, data capability and decision support that help improve clinical outcomes.

Product Features and Benefits

  • See-Thru CPR® and Real CPR Help® technologies
  • Remote viewing capability
  • Advanced data transmission capabilities, including the ability to receive and manage 12-lead ECGs
  • AHA Guidelines compliant and proven to reduce time-to-shock and increase survival rates
  • Real BVM Help — Real-time feedback for ventilation

"Masimo, rainbow, and SET are trademarks or registered trademarks of Masimo Corporation. Propaq is a registered trademark of Welch Allyn."

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