EMS Software Solutions

ZOLL's EMS software solutions help create insights to improve patient outcomes. Our data solutions are based in the reliable ZOLL® Online environment. This Europe‑based cloud solution is accessible, worry-free, and secure.

RescueNet CaseReview

To provide the highest-quality care every step of the way, your team needs complete information on the patient journey — from initial response to post-event data. RescueNet® CaseReview helps you achieve the best outcomes by tracking and managing case data that can inform and improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

RescueNet 12-Lead

Browser-based RescueNet 12‑Lead allows you to securely transmit 12‑lead data to hospitals and anyone involved in the continuum of care — anytime and anywhere — as long as there’s Internet access. RescueNet 12‑Lead facilitates quick STEMI verification by a physician so patients can be taken directly to the right place for treatment.

RescueNet Live

RescueNet Live offers effective decision support to help EMS organisations meet their telehealth needs. As telehealth programs continue to help improve patient care, providers can rely on RescueNet Live to share real-time information necessary to provide optimal care in every situation.

RescueNet Live Plus

RescueNet Live Plus facilitates bi-directional audio-video communication to support more effective treatment collaboration and enhanced workflow efficiencies.