Public Access AEDs

Early defibrillation is a critical component in treating sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). ZOLL® offers automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that are designed with lay rescuers in mind. However, when SCA occurs, only half of the victims will initially require a shock, but all will need high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Our AEDs include Real CPR Help® technology, which prompts you step-by-step through the rescue, providing real-time CPR feedback on the depth and rate of chest compressions to help you deliver high-quality CPR.


The ZOLL AED 3® defibrillator features real-time CPR feedback, full-colour rescue images, a touchscreen display, and an integrated child mode, making it simple to treat both adult and paediatric victims of SCA. Designed with readiness in mind, ZOLL AED 3 includes long-life consumables and WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring of the AED's status.

Powerheart G5

The Powerheart® G5 AED with Intellisense™ CPR coaches rescuers with real-time corrective feedback on rate, depth and recoil to ensure delivery of quality CPR compressions. Perform each step of the rescue with user-paced instruction from RescueCoach® voice and text prompts. Fully automatic shock delivery, one-button dual-language functionality and daily self-tests give rescuers the power to act with confidence.

AED Plus

The ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator with Real CPR Help® technology helps rescuers to provide high-quality CPR and will deliver a shock if needed. Real-time CPR feedback on compression rate and depth gives lay rescuers confidence and clarity throughout the rescue.

Powerheart G3 Elite

The Powerheart® G3 Elite uses patented Rescue Ready® technology to conduct daily self-tests that ensure the pads and battery are connected and fully functional. These features and other patented technologies provide rescuers around the world with the confidence to respond to an SCA emergency.

AED Programme Management

Your AED needs to be ready the day you need it, not just the day you buy it. PlusTrac™ AED programme management software can help you track and manage consumable items such as pads and batteries. It also monitors the certification expiration dates of volunteer responders.

Professional Defibrillation

ZOLL provides AEDs and defibrillators for trained medical professionals and staff members at dental offices, urgent care centres, nursing homes, and other out-of-hospital care facilities. Our clinically advanced, user-friendly products help trained professionals respond quickly and effectively when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. Choose from our diverse line of professional products.


Designed for professional rescuers, the ZOLL AED 3® BLS automated defibrillator provides in-depth rescue support for both adult and paediatric victims of sudden cardiac arrest. WiFi connectivity allows the AED to report readiness status and to transmit event data. It also features a CPR Dashboard, which shows CPR quality, and a screen that displays ECG, CPR cycle countdown timer, shocks delivered, and more.


The AED Pro® defibrillator is designed to perform in any environment and can be used by professional or lay rescuers. Proprietary Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR® technologies provide the advanced functionality that rescuers need to perform optimal CPR and increase an SCA victim’s chance of survival.

R Series

The R Series® monitor/defibrillator is the worldwide choice of hospitals for in-patient resuscitation. It features a full suite of tools to support CPR, including a complete CPR Dashboard for both adults and paediatrics, See-Thru CPR filtering, and OneStep™ adult and paediatric electrodes that enable Real CPR Help to provide real-time visual feedback on compression rate and depth.