Pulse Oximetry - SpO2

Now with a single, compact, portable defibrillator-monitor-pacemaker, you have the ability to completely assess your patient’s oxygenation status as well as monitor ECG and other vital patient information. During resuscitation, critical care monitoring or emergency intervention, the ZOLL R Series® with Pulse Oximetry provides a fast and accurate means of continually and non-invasively monitoring patients who are at risk for developing hypoxemia.

R Series Pulse Oximeter — Advantages with Critical Patients

The ZOLL R-Series defibrillator with pulse oximetry incorporates an innovative technology to overcome the limitations of a conventional pulse oximeter for accurate and reliable SpO2 measurements when they are needed the most.

Masimo’s SET® unique signal processing algorithm provides:

  • More accurate measurements during motion
  • Fewer false alarms.
  • Reliable values during external pacing.
  • Improved pulse oximeter performance with patients in shock and low perfusion
  • Combined adult, paediatric and neonatal capabilities.
  • Monitoring of both ECG rate and pulse rate when pacing.