Defibrillator Dashboard for the R Series

Streamlined Fleet Management


The R Series® automatically conducts a daily self-test of 110 individual indicators of readiness and reports them to the Defibrillator Dashboard™ using standard 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless technology. If the state of readiness of any R Series is compromised, email notifications are automatically sent to appropriate personnel—as many people as you choose. And you can view the status of the fleet at any time, from any mobile device anywhere.

Defibrillator Dashboard helps you stay on top of defibrillator maintenance:

  • Time is synchronised daily with the hospital network, eliminating manual changes for daylight saving time.
  • Self-test data are compiled into a report that can be viewed on a PC or mobile device, so you’ll know the readiness status of every R Series defibrillator every day.
  • Defibrillator Dashboard can provide "history of readiness" logs for the Joint Commission.

The worst time to find out a defibrillator is not ready is when you need it. Defibrillator Dashboard saves time and adds value by ensuring your defibrillators are ready to go.