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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What content is available?
    A: There are courses and/or instructional videos for ZOLL® products, including the AED Plus®, AED Pro®, E Series®, Propaq® M, Propaq MD, R Series®, and X Series® defibrillators; the EMV+®, and Z Vent® portable ventilators; and the AutoPulse® resuscitation system. We also offer courses for Data Management software and are always expanding our content library to include new products and clinical education topics.

    Q: Who is E-learning designed for?
    A: While this will vary from product to product, content has been created for those working with patients in both the pre-hospital and hospital environments.

    Q: Is there a cost associated with this learning platform?
    A: No. Content is available free of charge for facilities that use ZOLL products.

    Q: How can I register myself or my organization for E-learning?
    A: Send an email. Tell us what facility you work for and what device(s) you are looking to learn more about. We will provide instructions along with a customized registration link.

    Q: Can content be accessed from any computer? Can I use the site on my phone or tablet?
    A: Yes, ZOLL E-learning has a fully responsive design that will work on any device. A connection to the Internet is required. Use the latest version of your browser.

    Q: If my organization already has an LMS, can we still use your courses?
    A: ZOLL E-learning courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant, so they can be used with most third-party LMS's.

    Q: My facility has a firewall. Will that affect my ability to use ZOLL E-learning?
    A: It might. Contact your facility's IT department if you cannot access the site.

    Q: Does content need to be completed in one sitting, or can I come back at a later time?
    A: Learners can proceed at their own pace and can return to a course at any time. ZOLL E-learning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once assigned content is completed, it can be reviewed for a refresher. Profiles are removed after 18 consecutive months of non-use.

    Q: What do I do if I forget my password?
    A: Click “Profile Assistance,” located under the Login section of the ZOLL E-learning site.

    Q: Are courses or videos available in languages other than English?
    A: Yes, we do offer some translated content. Please email for a complete list of available courses.

    Q: Is my progress tracked?
    A: Yes, ZOLL E-learning software tracks your registration, enrollments, time in course, and course status (Not Started, Incomplete, or Completed). A designated administrator at your facility can also track employees' progress.

    Q: Are certificates available after content is completed?
    A: Yes, certificates are awarded after completing assigned content.

    Q: Where can I find Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation (IPR) Therapy courses?
    A: To participate in these online courses, visit www.AmericanCME.com. Register for a free account, view the online course, and then take the post-course exam. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded 0.5 hours of FREE CME that are accepted by most U.S. states and some other countries. See the American CME website for details.

Need help signing up or have other questions? Don't worry; we can walk you through the process. Email [email protected] for assistance, or download our info sheet.