AED Electrodes

Pedi-padz® II
Paediatric electrode pads for use with the ZOLL AED Plus®, ZOLL AED Pro® and ZOLL AED 3® BLS. When connected to a ZOLL® AED, the Pedi-padz II electrodes enable a child-specific heart rhythm analysis and reduces shock energy.

A unique one-piece design aids in accurate placement on an adult victim’s chest. Integrated Real CPR Help® provides feedback on CPR rate and depth which helps guide rescuers in the delivery of high‑quality CPR. CPR-D-padz have an industry leading 5-year shelf life.

CPR-D Training padz
Non-clinical electrodes designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus Trainer II.

CPR Uni-padz™
Designed for use with the ZOLL AED 3®,these electrodes have an industry-leading shelf life of five years and can be used on both adult and child patients, so there is no need to maintain two separate sets of pads.