RescueNet 12-Lead for Hospital

Doctor monitor

A comprehensive tool—without the costly license fees

RescueNet® 12-Lead is a flexible and simple tool to manage your 12-lead communications work flow. It facilitates the transmission of 12-leads from EMS to the hospital for STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction) diagnosis verification that expedites patient care.

View 12-leads on any device with Internet access—wherever you happen to be. RescueNet 12-Lead provides highly secure management of your critical data and ensures reliable delivery to everyone involved in the continuum of care. 

Efficient and organized management of 12-lead data is critical; it’s a natural extension of 12-lead transmission. It shouldn’t involve extra cost. That’s why RescueNet 12-Lead is available to hospitals and EMS services without any up-front installation or annual license fees.


  • Access 12-leads on any device with Internet access 
  • All 12-leads are securely archived in the cloud
  • Encrypted and password-protected, information complies with HIPAA and HITECH
  • Receive 12-lead transmissions from any number of defibrillators and EMS services at no cost

RescueNet 12-Lead offers simple, comprehensive 12-lead management.