Rialto Fire – a Success Story

Improving resuscitation outcomes is a commonly discussed topic in Fire and EMS. Rialto Fire Department (RFD) is committed to clinically and culturally changing its approach to providing its community with results that rank above national averages. In 2017, RFD achieved a 71% Utstein rate and a 20% survival rate for all rhythms.

Rialto achieved this success by basically “unlearning” everything they have known about Cardiac Arrest and resuscitation before. Here you will find case study videos and documentation on its seven Cardiac Survivability Tools used to drive superior resuscitation outcomes:

  1. Continuous uninterrupted compressions using an automated CPR device;
  2. Apneic oxygenation;
  3. Use of an impedance threshold device (ITD);
  4. Elevating upper body at a 30 degree angle during CPR;
  5. Delaying defibrillation for a certain subset of patient presentations;
  6. Expanded utilisation of waveform capnography; and
  7. Deprioritising epinephrine in the order of interventions.

Watch the videos and learn more about RFD and its seven Cardiac Survivability Tools.