ZOLL AED 3 BLS Plays a Part in Life-saving Campaign


April 3, 2017—Scottish Ambulance Service are proud to be working in partnership with Sandpiper Wildcat and communities across the Grampian region in Scotland to enhance their co-responding network and provide life-saving care to patients experiencing cardiac arrest.

Working in rural or remote areas where location, number of ambulances, and demand come into play, it’s not unheard of for one ambulance to be to be called out to two medical emergencies. In this case, vital minutes may be lost as another team is despatched from the nearest alternative station.

The Sandpiper Trust plugs this gap by providing trained volunteers with Sandpiper bags that contain all the necessary equipment required for an emergency. When needed, the Trust volunteers can get to the scene faster, administer medical care, and help to save lives.

The campaign to annually save 50 additional lives in Grampian recently went live with the ZOLL AED 3™ BLS automated external defibrillator included in the Sandpiper bags.

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