Cyclist's Life Saved by Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue

Twee Valley ZITN

Members of the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team with ZOLL AED Plus units

27 July, 2016—A seemingly fit and well middle-aged cyclist suffered a cardiac arrest whilst competing in a cycling event near Peebles, Scotland. He was attended to promptly by an event marshal, members of Tweed Valley Bike Patrol, and other competitors who happened to be medically trained. Basic life support and CPR commenced as soon as the cardiac arrest was diagnosed.

Within four minutes of the cardiac arrest, members of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team (TVMRT) brought their AED Plus® automated external defibrillator on scene. Basic life support continued and the AED Plus was used to provide a lifesaving shock to the victim. CPR continued until the helimed arrived about 20 minutes later to transport the victim by air to the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, where he was reportedly doing well.

“This incident shows that a combination of basic life support training and having early access to an AED makes a real difference in the short time period after a casualty suffers a cardiac arrest”, said team medical officer Dr. Alex McDonald. This event was the first time the AED Plus had been used by the TVMRT.

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Photo courtesy of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue