Clinical Data Assistance Program

The American Heart Association (AHA) considers quantitative, focused debriefing an essential component of resuscitation events. Staff members review CPR quality metrics collected during resuscitation events and reinforce practices to increase patient survival. The clinical code data available from your ZOLL® software can provide detailed CPR metrics for debriefing to improve performance trends and resuscitation outcomes.

ZOLL's Clinical Data Assistance program ensures you’re following best practices for using CodeNet® software and maximizing the clinical data you're capturing — and the program is free!

With the Clinical Data Assistance program:

  • Our clinicians take a personalized approach with each hospital to meet their clinical needs and goals to ensure they become proficient and comfortable in analyzing their code data.
  • Data is available immediately for hot debriefing.
  • Data metrics available from RescueNet® CaseReview encompass all recommendations for high-quality CPR from AHA.
  • Once again, this program is offered to any size hospital at no-charge.

Examples of what the Clinical Data Assistance program can help you with:

  • How does chest compression fraction differ between peak staffing periods and off-shift hours?
  • How does CPR quality in the Emergency Department compare with CPR quality in the Intensive Care Unit?
  • What is the average post-shock pause time throughout the hospital?
  • What is the average compression depth your staff is achieving in pediatric patients?
  • What is the average compression depth in adult codes at your hospital?
Contact us to learn more about this unique program.

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