Powerheart G3 Elite

With the Powerheart® G3 Elite, responding to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency can be simple for rescuers of all skill levels. RescueCoach® guides users through the entire rescue with step-by-step voice and text prompts. To ensure reliability, the device’s proven Rescue Ready® technology conducts regular, automatic self-tests that ensure the AED electrodes and battery are both present and functional.


Designed for simple, intuitive use, RescueCoach provides clear, user-paced voice and text prompts for rescuers of any skill level. Prompts advance only after the rescuer successfully completes each critical step. The Powerheart G3 Elite determines whether a shock is needed and will automatically deliver one only if it is required.*

Rescue Ready

The G3 Elite performs a sophisticated series of self-tests to verify that the battery, pads, and critical components are connected and fully functional for the rescue. The highly visible Rescue Ready indicator makes it easy to determine the device’s status at a glance. If your AED detects a problem based on this self-test, the indicator will turn from green to red and issue audible alert tones to indicate that attention is required.

Powerheart G3 Elite

Integrated RescueCoach prompts guide users through the entire rescue with step-by-step voice and text instructions.

Product Features

  • RescueCoach™ prompts provide user-paced instruction
  • Rescue Ready® feature shows readiness status of battery, pads, and device
  • Intellisense® Lithium battery offers a 4-year shelf life
  • Non-polarised Intellisense™ defibrillation pads offer a 2-year shelf life
  • Fully automatic AED will deliver a shock on its own when it detects a shockable heart rhythm - also available with semi-auto functionality
  • AED stores 60 minutes of rescue data, accessible by data cable
  • IP (ingress protection) rating of IP24 protects against dust and water
  • Rugged design withstands conditions like extreme temperatures, high altitude and vibration
  • Paediatric capability with Intellisense paediatric defibrillation pads — recommended for patients 8 years of age or younger or weighing less than 55 pounds (25kg)

"I am very lucky to be here. Lucky that medically trained people were on hand so quickly, and that an AED was available. It definitely saved my life."

Kevin Twomey

United Kingdom

*Automatic shock delivery is available on the fully automatic model only. The Powerheart G3 Elite is available in either fully automatic or semi-automatic models.