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ZOLL Medical Corporation, a leader in medical products and software solutions, helps responders manage, treat, and save lives in emergency rescues and in hospitals; outside the hospital while at work or home; in doctors' and dentists' offices, schools, clinics, nursing homes and other public places; in disaster situations and on the battlefield. ZOLL's products for pacingdefibrillation, circulation, temperature management, and fluid resuscitation contribute to managing patient care and savings lives, as well as increasing the efficiency of emergency medical, fire and hospital operations around the globe. ZOLL also designs and markets software that automates data documentation and management for both clinical and non-clinical information.

With sales of more than $400 million, ZOLL develops and manufactures its products in the United States in California, Chicago, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, and Rhode Island.  Its direct sales forces and distributors are located around the world, where its products are sold in more than 140 countries.

Corporate Headquarters:

269 Mill Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 421-9655 

Media Contact:

Edna Kaplan
KOGS Communication, LLC on behalf of ZOLL Medical Corporation
+1 (617) 974-8659
[email protected]

Company History:

Founded in 1980 by

  • Paul M. Zoll, M.D.
  • Willard M. Bright
  • Rolf S. Stutz

Public: 1992-2012

Acquired in 2012 by Asahi Kasei