The Standard of Care Chosen by Military Health Care Providers

For more than 25 years, ZOLL® has been a trusted partner delivering acute critical care technologies to the military. ZOLL is proud to honor your trust with an unmatched commitment to those who care for others during operational, humanitarian, disaster, and peacetime missions.

Through unparalleled ease of use and superior clinical technology, ZOLL helps improve survival outcomes and operational efficiencies. Thus, ZOLL devices are the standard products of choice for many U.S. military, NATO, and global coalition partners.

Quality of Care Everywhere

ZOLL products are extensively utilized throughout the entire military healthcare system in support of the warfighter and casualty treatment within the En-Route Care System.

ZOLL’s leading resuscitation and critical care technologies are field-proven in all roles of operational medical care on the battlefield, in aeromedical evacuation and transport, in field hospitals, and in garrison for definitive care. ZOLL technologies are reliable, ready, and trusted to treat our warfighters anywhere on land, sea, or air.

Military Airworthiness Equipment

ZOLL has extensive experience engineering Military Airworthiness Equipment that meets the rigorous requirements of the Joint En-Route Care Equipment Test Standards (JECETS) in austere environments. With a strong history of collaboration with militaries to deliver customer-driven requirements, we are proud to have been selected as the provider of airworthy devices for Patient Movement Items across the military services. ZOLL has also been awarded multiple contingency contracts as a critical supplier of medical equipment to meet surge demands during disaster, humanitarian, and operational needs.

Featured Products

Products designed for the military include:

Whether on the battlefield, during aeromedical transport, or in a CONUS or VA hospital, ZOLL has solutions to help provide the highest quality casualty care.