Hospital Software Solutions

Transforming data into useful information that can help providers measure and improve outcomes is part of our mission. Whether it's STEMI management, gathering information for debriefing and continuous quality improvement, or managing code readiness, our solutions are designed to give you the information you need — simply and accurately.

RescueNet CodeNet

Bring together accurate code documentation with robust data analysis to make actionable code response improvements. RescueNet CodeNet combines two essential tools for event debriefing and data documentation: RescueNet® CaseReview and RescueNet CodeWriter.

RescueNet CaseReview

Rapidly review CPR performance metrics. The RescueNet CaseReview software system collects, collates, and manages code data to improve CPR accuracy and simplify debriefing. Data files from ZOLL® defibrillators can be sent to RescueNet CaseReview using your hospital’s secure WiFi network.

RescueNet DeviceDashboard

Keeps clinical engineering apprised of code-readiness and reduces the costs of fleet management. RescueNet DeviceDashboard offers at-a-glance state of readiness checks for an entire fleet of defibrillators — even for defibrillators in multiple campuses and locations.

RescueNet 12-Lead

A complete, no-cost STEMI management platform. RescueNet 12-Lead is a flexible and simple tool to manage your 12-lead communications workflow. It facilitates the transmission of 12-leads from EMS to the hospital for STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction) diagnosis verification to expedite patient care.