ZOLL Service Department


ZOLL's Technical Service Department is dedicated to providing first-class technical support throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our staff of highly skilled, trained professionals has extensive experience in technical and clinical applications, medical electronics and process quality control. We provide a range of services to customers in all three major areas of the resuscitation marketplace – Hospital, Pre-Hospital and Public Access.


The ZOLL AED Plus® and ZOLL AED Pro® are both sold with 5 year warranties, to give you true peace of mind and ease of management.

In the rare event of a device break down repairs can be provided via the ZOLL Medical Technical Service Department by factory trained Service Repair Technicians. Each unit is certified by completing the in-bound fault verification procedure as detailed in the appropriate service manual.

Device Upgrades

All upgrades can be performed in the ZOLL Medical Technical Service Department as required to the specified quality control standards.

Guideline 2010 upgrades are offered to meet our customer needs. Please contact 1800 605 555 for further information.