December 10, 2015 - Saudi Hospital Uses ZOLL AutoPulse to Help Save Lives in the Cath Lab


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New 2015 Guidelines Recommend Automated CPR Devices in the Cath Lab

December 10, 2015—CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that Al Mana General Hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is using the ZOLL AutoPulse® Resuscitation System to help save patients who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in the cardiac catheterization (cath) lab.

Both the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines, which were released in October, cite automated CPR devices’ role in performing high-quality CPR when manual CPR is difficult to achieve. This includes having automated CPR devices, such as the AutoPulse Resuscitation System, on the angiography table, where achieving adequate rate and depth is almost impossible to achieve. There is the added concern of exposing the rescuers to dangerous radiation.1,2 Having automated CPR devices in the cath lab received a “strong recommendation” from the ERC.1

According to Abdullah El Tayeb, MD, chief of the Al Mana Cath Lab, and Majdi Robin, head of cath lab technicians, the AutoPulse was first used to perform high-quality chest compressions on a patient who went into SCA during an angioplasty (PCI) procedure only days after the automated CPR device was purchased. They explained that the AutoPulse provided high-quality compressions because staff could not. This patient had out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and rearrested during PCI.

“During an angioplasty procedure, an x-ray machine is needed to see the coronaries,” Dr. El Tayeb said. “If a staff member were to perform CPR, PCI cannot be done. The AutoPulse performs high-quality chest compressions, and because of its radio-translucence, we could easily see clear images with the x-ray.”

“When the patient collapsed suddenly, we did not expect him to survive, as we’ve witnessed arrest scenes many times, but the AutoPulse made a big difference,” Robin said. “Because of the AutoPulse, we were able to do prolonged high-quality CPR on this patient in a difficult environment in the cath lab. Ultimately, this patient survived to hospital discharge with good neurological outcome, and is now back at home in India.”

He also mentioned that the AutoPulse is easy to deploy and operate, and effective while moving a patient on a soft stretcher or down a flight of stairs. Al Mana is the first hospital in the Middle East to equip its cath lab with the AutoPulse.

About the AutoPulse Resuscitation System

The AutoPulse Resuscitation System provides high-quality automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Easy to use and battery operated, the AutoPulse has been shown to reduce interruptions in CPR by more than 85% when compared to manual CPR, and can be applied in as little as 14 seconds.3 Among the large prospective clinical trials that have been published using an automated CPR device, the AutoPulse has achieved the highest survival rate, and is the only automated CPR device to show a significant survival benefit when compared to manual CPR during prolonged resuscitation efforts.4,5,6

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