Whether you are an existing business partner or looking for another exciting business opportunity, the following pages will offer you a resource not currently available elsewhere.

AED Plus front and backThe ZOLL AED Plus® is primarily sold through authorised distributors and business partners. We take pride in partnering with exceptional companies with an entrepreneurial flair and commitment to improving resuscitation outcomes around Australia and New Zealand. ZOLL Medical is ideally placed to serve the needs of our customers and to help the resuscitation community save more lives. For ZOLL, advancing resuscitation and helping save lives is at the core of everything we do.

Why become a ZOLL Distributor?

ZOLL’s Public Access AED sales are made through our distributor partners. All of our partners are supported by ZOLL’s dedicated Distributor Sales Manager. Here are some benefits ZOLL offers to our partners:

  • A dedicated Account Manager.
  • Your Account Manager will support your sales force with training on ZOLL products and help them close business.
  • Sales leads generated through either this website or other ZOLL marketing activities will be distributed to business partners operating in the particular market sector.
  • ZOLL provides on-line resources to all of our distributor partners within this dedicated website.
  • We provide marketing support options to our distributor partners. This includes help with design layout and final proofing.

Learn how to become a distributor