Digitisation and Telemedicine

Military missions require continuum of care and the ability to gather, transmit, and securely share clinical data in a timely manner – anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstance.

At ZOLL®, our mission is to improve clinical outcomes — not only by using superior, clinically proven technologies but also by managing and transmitting Digital Patient Information and Case Data within your own secure military network.

From the field to hospitals and more, ZOLL technologies securely stream digital near real-time clinical data and waveforms to optimise overall patient care by:

  • Providing situational awareness at receiving facilities, improving transport decisions and triage during MEDEVAC missions
  • Enabling the medic’s ability to access remote clinical support during prolonged field care
  • Securely sharing data in a real-time environment

In addition, multiple critically ill patients can be viewed simultaneously via a centralised monitor in a field hospital or during aeromedical transport. All digitised patient data can be recorded for patient-care documentation and integration with third-party systems, registries, and post-case review.

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