Get Your Medical Authorization

As a Class III medical device, the FDA requires anyone acquiring an AED to first obtain a Medical Authorization.

PlusRx allows you to register your AED, receive an AED prescription from a partner doctor, maintain your AED prescriptions, and print a copy of your Medical Authorization. To access your medical authorization, please submit the activation code from the certificate included with your AED.

ZOLL® customers can submit their activation code below. If you don’t have an activation code, please contact us.


Have You Considered AED Program Management?

Imagine what would happen if your AED malfunctioned when you needed it most. Software problems, battery malfunctions, or other defects can all lead to AED failure.

With PlusTrac® AED program management, you’ll know your AED is ready for the rescue. The resilient, interactive, web-based platform allows you to manage your AEDs reliably and cost-effectively.

Learn more about PlusTrac AED program management.

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