RescueNet CaseReview for Hospital

RescueNet CaseReview is part of the RescueNet CodeNet system, which brings together accurate code documentation and robust data analytics to make actionable code response improvements.

The RescueNet® CaseReview software system collects, collates, and manages code data to improve CPR accuracy and simplify debriefing. Data files from ZOLL® defibrillators can be sent to RescueNet CaseReview using your hospital’s secure WiFi network. You can immediately access the accurate, robust data that’s necessary to complete the performance-focused debriefing after every adult and paediatric cardiac arrest.

The code data — CPR quality, ECGs, EtCO2 values, and more — is succinctly presented in intuitive, colourful graphics. RescueNet CaseReview collects detailed CPR quality metrics directly from ZOLL CPR electrodes, using Real CPR Help® technology. The rate and depth of each compression is recorded, as well as release velocity, how often pauses in compressions occurred, and how long they lasted. In addition to immediate information after a single event, historical data can be reviewed and parsed to determine areas that need improvement.