Texas EMS HALO-Flight Crew Saves Valuable Time with X Series

 HaloFlight helicopter

With the X Series® monitor/defibrillator aboard HALO-Flight helicopters, the emergency flight crew can now send vital 12-lead ECGs to doctors on the ground in Corpus Christi.

Using the X Series and RescueNet® 12-lead gives physicians the ability to see a patient’s heart tracing before the patient arrives at the hospital. It offers doctors the opportunity to bypass the emergency department and send the patient straight to the cath lab, saving precious minutes and further deterioration of the heart muscle. 

"Every minute that goes by, that damage is worse and worse and worse,” said Randy Endsley, chief medical officer for HALO-Flight. “So, again the speed that allows that patient to get to the cath lab quicker is best for that patient."

Physicians can also check 12-leads on their smart phones and know right away which vessel in the heart is going to need to be opened immediately. This way, doctors can make better decisions before the patient even arrives. All of the cardiac centers in South Texas have the capability to use the RescueNet 12-Lead system.

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