Ontario Man Saves a Life - Again

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In our second story on heroes who save lives, we're featuring a man who's starting to make a habit of it. On January 4th, at the Bob McQuarrie Recreation Complex in Orléans, David Kerr, on staff at the facility, performed CPR and used the AED on a victim who had stopped breathing. The automated external defibrillator reported that treatment was necessary, and Kerr used it to deliver the shock. When the Ottawa Paramedic Service arrived, the man was breathing almost regularly, and his heart was beating. An AED was installed at this location thanks to the Paramedic Public Access Defibrillator program, which started in 2002 and has placed over 350 defibrillators in public places.

This isn't the first life Kerr has saved. In 2005, he and another man performed CPR on a man struck by lightning and saved the man's life. Kerr received a number of awards for his actions.

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