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Ambulance Safety - Michael Kurz, MD
Photo courtesy of Jamie Thompson
Kurz explains the dangers of transport to an audience at EMS Today.

March 10, 2010
How safe are EMS paramedics in the back of a moving ambulance? Michael Kurz, MD, addressed the issue of ambulance safety at EMS Today in Baltimore during a lunch and learn session sponsored by ZOLL. Dr. Kurz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at VCU and Operational Medical Director for Henrico County, VA., examined the acceleration forces EMS providers are subjected to while transporting patients to the hospital, specifically those in cardiac arrest. He also described the impact of those forces upon the EMS provider's ability to maintain balance and deliver effective CPR.

The world of EMS is embracing social media, and nowhere was it more apparent than last week at EMS Today. Chronicles of EMS (CoEMS), a web-based EMS reality series, showed segments from Episode 1 at the ZOLL booth. Paramedics Justin Schorr and Mark Glencorse, featured in the new show directed by Thaddeus Setla, spoke about the future of the project, including ideas to film future episodes, and EMS 2.0.

On the last night of the show, bloggers from around the country congregated to meet and compare notes on the future of social media and EMS. In addition, ZOLL-sponsored podcasters like Jamie Davis from MedicCast and Chris Montera of EMS Garage broadcast interviews from the show floor, covering topics such as sudden cardiac arrest, Ambulance Safety, EMS 2.0, and RescueNet® Link. Register to receive more information from ZOLL on RescueNet Link.

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