Canadian Ski Patrollers Use CPR, AED Plus to Save Cardiac Arrest Victim

Ottawa ParliamentSeptember 3, 2010- Canadian ski patrollers were practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at Ottawa's Britannia Park at when they suddenly had a real-life emergency. A man who had been playing volleyball collapsed with a sudden cardiac arrest, and a bystander notified the patrollers, who responded immediately, using CPR and an AED Plus®automated external defibrillator. By the time Ottawa paramedics arrived, the victim's condition had already begun to improve.

Joe Micucci, of the City of Ottawa's paramedic services. said a quick response time is essential: "If you want to have a cardiac arrest, do it on public property because your chance of being saved is 70 per cent." In general, without getting CPR and an AED to the victim quickly, the chance of survival is only 5%.

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