Temperature Management Featured in Surgical Products

Andrew Fleischacker July 27, 2010 - Andy Fleischacker, Director of Business and Market Development at ZOLL Medical Corporation, and Xia Luo, M.D., Director,  Clinical Education, are co-authors of a featured article, "Warming And Cooling Critical For Temperature Management," in the July issue of Surgical Products. The article details the critical importance of managing patient temperature in the operating room.

Xia LuoWhen patients undergo major surgical procedures, heat loss is common. Temperature management systems are designed to warm the patient, maintaining a normal temperature.  Conversely, the surgeon may need to induce a hypothermic state, and temperature management systems can be placed in a cooling mode.

An intravascular temperature management system warms or cools the patient from inside the body. This is critical when alternative technologies such as blankets and pads cannot be directly applied to the patient’s skin. Operating room temperatures can be adjusted, but placing IVTM catheters in these patients can keep them warm without having to elevate the ambient temperature of the operating room, while providing the venous access that is required during surgery.

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