Golf Club Steward Saved by AED Plus Defibrillator

 Golf Save Story

Picture provided by Nottingham Post


12 August 2014  ̶  Golf Club Steward Saved by AED Plus Defibrillator

Golf club steward Guy Newell was saved by an AED Plus® defibrillator that had been purchased just days before by the Mapperley Golf Club.

Members of the golf club had raised funds for the AED and had been trained to use it earlier that week.

Guy, 63, collapsed at a club meeting in April. The club professional, Jon Newham, was summoned and once he realised what was going on, quickly went to retrieve the club’s new AED.

Jon commented, “The machine talks you through it and gives you the plan of attack. It’s almost like having your own paramedic there with you. The AED saved his life.”

In the meantime, other club members acted to call 999.

Guy was then taken by paramedics to Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC), where he was implanted with an internal defibrillator. He is now back at home and has since made a full recovery.

Dr Sachin Jadhav from QMC said, “We are seeing more cases where people have been defibrillated at the scene because these portable devices are found in more public places now. Undoubtedly these devices are saving lives.”


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