Fabrice Muamba Unveils Guernsey’s First Public AED

 Fabrice Guernsey AED
 Pictured from left are Fabrice Muamba and Matt Le Tissier.  

Last year, Fabrice Muamba, a former Bolton Wanderers' player, suffered a cardiac arrest live on national television. Since then, he has been supporting the Hearts & Goals campaign to get more AEDs into public places.

Fabrice was invited to unveil the first public access defibrillator, a ZOLL AED Plus®, at Guernsey FC’s football ground at Footes Lane on 14 April. Fabrice along with local footballing legend Matt Le Tissier unveiled the new AED Plus, which was purchased by the Guernsey Cardiac Action Group with money raised through the Guernsey 2012 Skipton Swimarathon.

There are plans to install a further eight public access AEDs across Guernsey to help make the island a safer place.

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