HeartSWell Charity Donates an AutoPulse to the Cardiology Team at the Royal Cornwall Hospital

HeartSWell pic 

The South West based charity, HeartSWell, has donated an AutoPulse® Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. The cardiology team at the hospital is delighted with the new addition to the cardiac catheter laboratory as it frees them to focus on other life-saving interventions, while the AutoPulse delivers consistent, uninterrupted high-quality chest compressions.

Consultant cardiologist Dr Robin Van-Lingen said, “This is a fantastic addition to the equipment in our cardiac catheter laboratory where we carry out highly specialist procedures on the major blood vessels around the heart. On the rare occasion when we have a critical event whilst a patient is the lab, the AutoPulse device will allow us to keep doing vital, life-saving, x-ray guided treatment whilst it gets on with CPR.”