AED Plus demonstration videos

Real CPR Help® and the AED Plus®
Learn about Real CPR Help and the AED Plus automated external defibrillator.

Fully Automatic AED Plus
Learn how the Fully Automatic AED Plus differs from the semi-automatic AED Plus.

AED Plus Save Videos

Everday Heroes Award Winners Story
Learn how Diane and Karen saved visitor Chris' life using the AED Plus.

AED Plus Training Videos


1 Introducing the AED Plus

2 Setting Up the AED Plus

3 Switching On the AED Plus

4 Applying Electrodes and Delivering a Shock with the AED Plus

5 Performing CPR with Real CPR Help with the AED Plus

6 Jump to Analysis with the AED Plus

7 Treating a Child Patient with the AED Plus

8 Downloading Data from the AED Plus

9 Accessories and Training Products for the AED Plus