ZOLL Accelerates EMS Participation in New York State Data Exchange Incentive Program


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More Than 60 EMS Agencies Adopt Hospital Interoperability Technology for Medicaid Encounters


May 25, 2021 — CHELMSFORD, MASS. — ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that its Data Systems division has helped more than 60 emergency medical service (EMS) agencies in New York state improve patient safety by adopting ZOLL Care Exchange. ZOLL Data Systems' technology enables EMS agencies to exchange information in real time with partner hospitals to enhance continuity of care in emergent situations when every second counts.

The push toward greater interoperability between EMS and the hospitals to which they transport patients has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states are even incentivizing EMS agencies to obtain technology to facilitate electronic data exchange. The Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) Data Exchange Incentive program (DEIP) launched in 2018 is one such example.

The New York State Department of Health (DOH), with support from Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS), established the DEIP to help reduce healthcare costs, improve healthcare coordination, and increase the quality of care for patients by increasing health information exchange (HIE) for Medicaid. To date, ZOLL Data Systems has supported more than 60 EMS agencies statewide by implementing ZOLL Care Exchange, which enables connection to regional HIEs and provides both paramedics and hospital-based providers with access to patient information. The shared information supports medical decisions and ensures that the most appropriate treatment is delivered as quickly as possible to ultimately save more lives.

ZOLL Care Exchange facilitates interoperability between emergency medical services, hospitals, and vendors. Onset times, procedures, medications, outcomes, and insurance coverage originating from any EMS electronic patient care record, hospital electronic medical record, and other healthcare providers are shared seamlessly, in near real time. Provider access to this data at any point throughout the patient's care journey results in closer coordination and improved quality of care. Patients are able to decide which providers are granted access to their records.

"Despite its incredible value, EMS data has historically been invisible to clinical providers and care management organizations for use in better understanding patterns of patient care and EMS services provided without transport. ZOLL Data Systems' collaboration with innovative HIEs like Rochester RHIO enables frontline emergency crews to access critical patient data and to contribute information about emergency services provided to the patient record. That makes a significant difference in people's lives, including the more than 1.5 million residents we serve across the Greater Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York," said Jill Eisenstein, president and CEO of the Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization).

"ZOLL Data Systems' goal is to utilize data to help our customers save more lives. For many years, EMS has existed as a satellite operating outside the broader healthcare system that includes hospitals, outpatient clinics, and skilled care facilities. From the patient care perspective, we believe there's a better way," said Alex Moghadam, President of ZOLL Data Systems. "We are committed to delivering interoperability solutions that enable seamless collaboration between EMS, hospital, and community healthcare providers because patients benefit when everyone works together as a team."

ZOLL Data Systems is a healthcare software solutions provider that empowers hospital, EMS and Fire, and billing/accounts receivable teams to deliver more – from better patient outcomes to operational efficiencies and greater revenue capture. ZOLL Data Systems leverages decades of clinical expertise, relentless customer focus, and a powerful cloud-based platform to help tackle the unique challenges of healthcare from EMS dispatch to facility discharge and AR optimization. ZOLL Data Systems exists to help save more lives through data-driven innovation and interoperability, opening new pathways for its customers to achieve the highest levels of care, collaboration, and reimbursement.

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