October 1, 2019 - Spanish AFE Equips Stadiums, Training Fields with ZOLL AED Plus Units


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Offers Real-Time CPR Feedback Technology


October 1, 2019—CHELMSFORD, MASS.— ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that the Spanish Football Association (AFE) has equipped the stadiums and training fields of its 617 football clubs with ZOLL AED Plus® automated external defibrillators.

The initiative is designed to protect more than 12,000 football players, as well as their fans, in the event someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

"Health is a key issue for AFE, as well as taking care of the physical integrity of the football players. With these defibrillators, we support life," said David Aganzo, President of AFE. "These devices help save lives, as we have seen in several cases."

"Both the real-time CPR feedback technology and the ease of use of the ZOLL AED Plus convinced us this was the best AED for our football organization," Aganzo said.

"In Spain, every year we have many cases of sudden death associated with sports, and this way the players have protection at all times," he added. "When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, a victim's best chance for survival is immediate CPR and a rescuer with an AED."

"We commend the Spanish Football Association for taking on this initiative to improve outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest," said Elijah A. White, President of ZOLL Resuscitation. "When every second counts, it's critical to have access to an AED and to have someone trained in its use and trained in CPR."

Proyecto Salvavidas will be conducting defibrillator training in all the clubs, as well as hosting conferences about sudden death in sports.

About the AED Plus

The ZOLL AED Plus features proprietary Real CPR Help® technology: real-time feedback that guides all responders — including lay rescuers — to the correct rate and depth of chest compressions with audio and visual prompts, so they can perform high-quality CPR. Studies show that high-quality CPR is a primary component influencing survival from cardiac arrest.1

About Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is an abrupt disruption of the heart’s function that causes a lack of blood flow to vital organs. SCA claims more than 350,000 lives each year in the U.S. and is the leading cause of unexpected death in the world. For a victim of SCA, timing is critical to survival. If a victim does not receive CPR and early defibrillation from an AED, their chance of survival decreases by 10% with each passing minute.

About ZOLL Medical Corporation

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1MeaneyPA, et al. Circulation. 2013 Jul 23; 128(4):417-35.

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