U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - BATDOK™

Can help to improve quality and continuity of care from point of injury through definitive care.

Managing a patient's treatment and medical records in austere environments is extremely challenging, especially when there are multiple casualties. The AFRL's BATDOK (Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit) point-of-injury software tool, in combination with the ZOLL® Propaq® monitors, can help improve the way combat medics deliver care.

BATDOK can monitor and document care for one or multiple patients from point of injury all the way through to a definitive care facility. With BATDOK, vital sign and treatment data can be aggregated and easily passed on to the next caregiver as the patient progresses through the treatment and evacuation process.

Vital sign and treatment data from ZOLL's Propaq® M monitor and Propaq® MD monitor/defibrillator is seamlessly transmitted to the BATDOK device over WiFi or Bluetooth, allowing the medic to monitor one or multiple patients.

Capturing detailed and accurate patient data can improve quality and continuty of treatment for an injured warfighter. Data transmitted from the Propaq to the BATDOK device is captured and added to each patient’s medical record, making that data readily available to all medical personnel in the chain of care.