Algorithms Developer

Location: IL Caesarea


ZOLL Itamar is an innovative medical device technology company that focuses on the development and manufacturing of Home Sleep Apnea Tests to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders. Our core product is the WatchPAT®️ family, a revolutionary FDA-cleared portable home sleep apnea test device, that is based on propriety signal and analysis. 80% of patients who have sleep apnea are undiagnosed. We are committed to reach those undiagnosed patients and provide testing to promote wellness and enhance overall quality of life. WatchPAT®️ is commercially available within major markets including the U.S., Japan, and Europe, and is the leading home sleep apnea test in the US. ZOLL Itamar’s corporate headquarters, research and development and manufacturing are located in Israel with U.S. headquarters based in Atlanta, GA.

We are looking for an experienced algorithm developer to join our advance R&D team in further developing our products, offering a unique opportunity to combine technology, science and clinical insight.

The job consists of algorithm developing – machine learning on unique signals, participating in analyzing and understanding clinical trial and involvement in feasibility testing of technologies.

Position Requirements (education, experience, etc):


Master and above degree in science (Physics / Math) or engineering (SW, electrical, biomedical).

Exceptional candidates with B.Sc. with considerable industrial (preferably medical device) experience are welcomed as well.


At least 2 years (one position) of experience working as algorithm developer (not just academic):

  • Signal processing
  • Machine learning or data scientist

Advantage to candidates who worked with biological signals and from the medical device industry


Programing skills:

  • Matlab/Python
  • C/C++ (at least basic skills)
  • Statistical understanding

Personal capabilities:

  • Ability to lead tasks
  • Capable of working alone and in a multidisciplinary team
  • Interest and ability to learn the physiology and medical aspects – advantage

Hybrid work. Centers in Caesarea and Herzliya