About the Author

AnnMarie Fitzgerald Chase, MSN, RN, CEN is a Clinical Educator living in Derry, N.H.

Her Professional Nursing experience includes working in Telemetry, ICU, the Emergency Department and Instructing RN students.

She is currently the Clinical Nurse Educator for Hallmark Health Systems Emergency Departments, which include both Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Massachusetts.

AnnMarie is a Board Certified Emergency Nurse, who enjoys teaching ACLS and is also a new TNCC instructor.

AnnMarie earned her BSN from Regis College in Weston, MA and completed her MSN with a concentration in Education in November 2009.




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Mock Code Training

“Come quick, my husband, he’s not acting right, something is terribly wrong!” a desperate Mrs.
Smith shouted to Joe, the new staff nurse.  Joe’s heart started to pound. “I just left him, and he was
fine,” he thought to himself. “Code 99, Medical 5, Code 99 Medical 5,” the operator announced
overhead.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Joe as he followed Mrs. Smith into her
husband’s room.  Mr.  Smith, a 45-year-- old patient admitted the night before for chest pain, lay 
unconscious in the bed as the nursing assistant was trying to rouse him.  Joe’s thoughts raced, “What
do I do now? I am not ACLS certified. Where is that code team?”  Joe tried to remember back to his

How does your facility prepare staff for these situations? When the patient’s life depends on
the quality of your staff‘s response, having competent staff is imperative. One way to maintain
staff competency is through an annual review of equipment and procedure. This article will
review code training, including mental preparation, content, tips for running mock codes and
 tools to assist in staff evaluation.



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