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Do Rapid Response Teams Work?
by Sheri Villanueva-Reiakvam, RN

Do rapid response teams work? Broadly, yes. More accurately, yes . . . but not in a vacuum. How can this be stated with such certainty while still being highly controversial? The proof is in the results achieved at the University of San Diego Medical Center (UCSD).

In 2007, UCSD implemented an innovative program called Advanced Resuscitation Training, or ART. ART takes a new approach to resuscitation and thus rapid response by creating a framework that includes thorough training and defined roles and responsibilities for health care providers. Challenges and obstacles to success are tackled head-on through the use of data, education, debriefing, and the principles of cognitive psychology. This edition of Code Communications will explore the history of rapid response programs, some of the hurdles hospitals face when trying to execute a successful rapid response system, and how UCSD has overcome these challenges and the corresponding improvement in patient survival. Read more...

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