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Code Communications May 2008

cardiac clinical nurse

About the Author

Judy Boehm, RN, MSN, is a cardiac clinical nurse specialist living now
in Bradenton, Florida. 

Beginning in 1975 she worked as CNS for the cardiac units at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, retiring in early 2006. Since the formation of the CPR Committee in 1983, she was active in establishing policies and procedures for resuscitations, translating resuscitation research into practice, selection of/training in emergency equipment, life support education, and CPR data collection/ analysis. 

Judy received her MSN from University of Alabama, and her BSN from Case Western Reserve University. She enjoys playing golf with her husband, walking her Golden Retriever, and learning about tropical plants.

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Welcome to Code Communications, ZOLL's online newsletter for hospital clinicians interested in the field of resuscitation. Each month we will explore a new topic in the field with an emphasis on practical solutions for changing practice and improving outcomes.

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CPR Heart
Family Presence During Resuscitation
Allowing family members to be present at the bedside of a patient during cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a contentious issue in the United States and has stimulated widespread debate.  This newsletter will explore the history of family presence during resuscitations; present a framework for incorporating this practice into the hospital; provide a list of supporting position statements; and discuss perspectives of the public, family, healthcare providers, and patients about family presence.  Additionally, strategies for developing a hospital program on family presence during resuscitation are discussed.   Read more...

Family Presence toolkit offer

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