ZOLL Committed to Advancing
Temperature Management Technology

With its purchase of the Alsius Corporation’s intravascular temperature management (IVTM™) device in May 2009, ZOLL is a leader in accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-effective control of body temperature in critical care patients.

Clinicians have a variety of temperature management techniques available, both invasive and non-invasive.  In contrast to non-invasive surface cooling/warming technologies, such as cooling/warming blankets, ice packs or gel pads, which are clinically inefficient, labor intensive, and hinder access to critically ill patients needing constant care, ZOLL’s invasive IVTM portfolio allows the core body temperature to be regulated internally with precision.

Key among the IVTM product line is Thermogard XP™ Advanced Temperature Management System, which provides a platform for both maximum cooling and warming applications. This offers precise and rapid control of a patient’s core temperature.

The Thermogard XP system is coupled to any one of the full line of Alsius catheters, all of which provide central venous infusion capabilities.  A variety of catheter options are available to handle specific patient challenges such as catheter length, insertion site, and heat exchange power.  The Thermogard XP adjusts the temperature of the saline flowing within the Alsius catheter balloons. Patient and system data are automatically sampled every 60 seconds, and a change in patient temperature as small as .01C triggers an immediate adjustment in the saline temperature.

With greater awareness of the importance of temperature management, some clinicians are initiating early cooling or warming therapies in the field with temperature controlled IV fluid infusion. The Power Infuser®, recently approved for administration of therapeutic and clinically appropriate IV fluids, blood, and packed red blood cells, provides the level of control needed in the pre-hospital environment.

As the clinical community continues to expand the applications for therapeutic temperature management, ZOLL intends to work with the pioneers in temperature management to help expand the indications for therapeutic hypothermia. According to Richard A. Packer, Chairman and CEO of ZOLL, “The speed and accuracy of cooling and the accuracy of subsequent re-warming that can be achieved with our intravascular technology will be unsurpassed.” 

Mr. Packer concluded, “As we look to the future of therapeutic temperature management, we will be integrating the superior technologies from both Alsius and Radiant Medical, Inc., an earlier acquisition, in combination with ZOLL’s own developments in this area, to provide the very best solution for patients’ needs.”