November 23, 2009 - AutoPulse Cited for Improved Pre-Hospital Outcomes


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California Registry for ZOLL AutoPulse Revealed Higher Rates of ROSC; Charleston County EMS Improves Short-Term Outcome During Transport

November 23, 2009CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL Medical Corporation (Nasdaq GS: ZOLL) announced today that the importance of continuous, consistent chest compressions provided by ZOLL’s AutoPulse® Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump in the improvement of short-term outcomes was presented in two separate poster presentations at the American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Science Sessions in Orlando Florida last week.

David Ghilarducci, M.D., and Cesar Aristeiguieta, M.D., Members of the California AutoPulse Registry Steering Committee reported in a poster presentation “The Potential for Enhanced Near-Term Outcomes with Mechanical CPR” that registry data showed patients treated with AutoPulse (A-CPR) had a higher return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) than those receiving manual CPR (M-CPR).

The California AutoPulse Quality Assurance Registry was established to undertake data collection related to the rate of emergency department admissions and adverse events associated with CPR provided by the AutoPulse in conjunction with the introduction of the new mechanical CPR device in California. More than 1,020 patients were included in the Registry between April 2007 and June 2009 by 32 emergency medical services agencies using the AutoPulse to provide mechanical CPR support in California. The results revealed that adverse events were rare; only 6 A-CPR (0.8%) treated patients reported events. Overall rate of ROSC was improved for A-CPR vs. M-CPR both in the field (31% to 21%, p=0.002) and ROSC sustained to ED admission (25% to 18%, p=0.014).

Don Lundy, B.S., NREMT-P, and Todd McGeorge, B.A. NREMT-P of Charleston County EMS, North Charleston, N.C. reported in “Mechanical Chest Compressions Improve Short-Term Outcome in Patients Requiring CPR During Transport” that patients treated with mechanical chest compressions were more likely to achieve return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) during transport compared with patients treated with manual chest compressions (CC).

The authors report that over the study period, the agency gradually equipped their ambulances with the AutoPulse (LDB-CC) to achieve continuous, consistent chest compressions during transport; thus, 50% of patients were treated with LDB-CC and 50 % were treated with manual CC. Overall, 55 (11%) patients achieved ROSC for the first time during transport and patients treated with LDB-CC were more likely to achieve ROSC during transport than patients treated with manual CC (14.3% vs. 6.7%, p=0.005).  Of the 55 patients that achieved ROSC during transport, 44 (80%) qualified for transport according to ALS termination of resuscitation protocols.

“We are pleased to see resuscitation outcomes improve in the pre-hospital setting where our AutoPulse is being used,” said Jonathan A. Rennert, President of ZOLL. “The implementation of the AutoPulse in this setting adds the advantage of continuous consistent chest compressions while improving provider safety during transport.”

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