May 9, 2006


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ZOLL to Display ERC Guidelines-Ready Products at Resuscitation 2006

Scheduled Lunch Symposium to Encourage Further Dialogue on CPR Quality and Performance

9 MAY, 2006—STAVANGER, NORWAY—ZOLL Medical Corporation (NASDAQ: ZOLL), a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and software solutions, will display products with features that can be used to implement new 2005 European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines recommendations. ZOLL’s E Series® meets the recommendations that include delivering CPR before the first shock, delivering single shocks, and programming the CPR time-period between shocks while in AED mode. Furthermore, ZOLL’s AED Pro® with Real CPR Help™, and AutoPulse® Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump now support the new recommendation of early and more chest compressions during CPR.

ERC made these recommendations to provide longer periods of uninterrupted chest compressions and to simplify the CPR process for laypeople and healthcare professionals. ZOLL will display these products—and other advanced resuscitation offerings—in Stand #26 at the 8th Scientific Congress of the European Resuscitation Council from 11 May through 13 May at the Stavanger Forum.

Since 2002, with the launch of the ZOLL AED Plus™ with Real CPR Help technology, ZOLL has been working to incorporate instantaneous CPR support in its products. “ZOLL was the first manufacturer at the time to recognize the importance of helping rescuers with CPR performance,” said Richard A. Packer, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZOLL. “This approach has been validated by the strong emphasis on CPR in the 2005 ERC Guidelines. To date, ZOLL estimates that more than 500,000 rescuers worldwide have access to ZOLL AEDs that can help them perform
high-quality CPR. We will continue our commitment to offer such novel technologies that help lay rescuers and healthcare professionals provide high-quality CPR and improve their resuscitation efforts so that more people survive cardiac arrest.”

ZOLL Sponsors Lunch Symposium on CPR Performance

In keeping with ZOLL’s vision to help improve CPR quality and increase survival rates, ZOLL will hold a lunch symposium on 11 May about CPR performance and methods to implement new Guidelines recommendations. The leading resuscitation expert Hans-Richard Arntz, M.D., Professor at the renowned University-Klinikum Benjamin Franklin in Berlin, will moderate the proceedings.

Additional participants scheduled to appear include:

  • Wanchun Tang, M.D., F.C.C.P., F.C.C.M., of the Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine in California.
  • Benjamin S. Abella, M.D., M.Phil., from the University of Chicago.
  • Lars Wik, M.D., Ph.D., from the Ulleval University Hospital in Norway.
  • Jerry Overton, M.P.A., from the Richmond Ambulance Authority and Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia.

Display of the Guidelines-Ready Products

ZOLL will be showing the following Guidelines-Ready products:

  • ZOLL E Series Defibrillator
    Building on the well-established ZOLL M Series®, the ZOLL E Series features a suitcase-style design with a protective roll cage, allowing users to carry or store the device easily. It also provides an EasyRead Tri-Mode Display™ for use in pitch dark or direct sunlight, providing superior readability and complete views of critical patient information at virtually any angle. A built-in GPS clock allows customers to automatically synchronize all of their dispatch, defibrillator, and intervention call times, improving overall data accuracy.

  • ZOLL AED Pro with Real CPR Help
    Along with software changes that make that AED Pro Guidelines-Ready, the AED Pro uses a special electrode, known as the CPR-D•padz™, which includes a sensor that measures the rate and depth of chest compressions. This instantaneous feedback helps rescuers improve CPR performance. The AED Pro offers advanced capabilities for professional rescuers, including ECG monitoring with standard ECG electrodes; combined AED capability with manual defibrillation, with controlled access for ALS users; and unmatched ruggedness and durability. Developed for extreme environments, the AED Pro is the only AED in the industry to pass a 1.5-meter drop test and to have an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance.

  • ZOLL AutoPulse Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump
    The only device of its kind, the AutoPulse delivers consistent, uninterrupted chest compressions. The ERC Guidelines note that the use of load-distributing band CPR “improves haemodynamics” during cardiac arrest.* The AutoPulse is an automated, portable device with an easy-to-use, load-distributing LifeBand® that squeezes the entire chest, improving blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest.* Additionally, it can help free up rescuers to focus on other life-saving interventions and eliminate fatigue from the performance of CPR chest compressions. Recent study results in the U.S. demonstrate that the AutoPulse has contributed to improvements in long-term and short-term survival rates.*

ZOLL will also be displaying the following products:

  • The ResQPOD from Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc.
    ResQPOD® is an impedance threshold device (ITD) that enhances the vacuum in the chest, which forms during the chest recoil phase of CPR. Studies have shown that this process draws more blood back to the heart, which can help increase cardiac output, blood pressure, perfusion to vital organs, and survival rates. The American Heart Association (AHA) 2005 Guidelines stated in its report that the use of the ITD has been shown to improve circulation during CPR and increase the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) in cardiac arrest patients. Consequently, the use of ITDs was given a Class IIa rating by the AHA.*
  • The ZOLL AED Plus with Real CPR Help
    The AED Plus helps rescuers perform effective CPR because it allows them to see and hear how well they are performing the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. This real-time feedback mechanism allows the AED Plus to help rescuers assess and treat nearly every SCA victim.
  • ZOLL M Series Defibrillator
    The M Series has been selected as the standard of care by leading EMS and healthcare facilities around the world. The M Series combines the clinical superiority of ZOLL’s Rectilinear Biphasic™ waveform with portability, ease-of-use, and a vivid screen display. In addition, M Series defibrillators use ZOLL’s pacing technology, which has been clinically shown to offer superior capture rates, provide lower mean capture thresholds, and allow better patient tolerance to external pacing.

About ZOLL Medical Corporation

ZOLL Medical Corporation is committed to developing technologies that help advance the practice of resuscitation. With products for pacing, defibrillation, circulation, ventilation, and fluid resuscitation, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies that help clinicians, EMS professionals, and lay rescuers resuscitate sudden cardiac arrest or trauma victims. ZOLL also designs and markets software that automates the documentation and management of both clinical and non-clinical information.

ZOLL markets and sells its products in more than 140 countries. The Company has direct operations, distributor networks, and business partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. For more information, visit or call +1 (978) 421-9655.

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* Clinical data available upon request.