Data Management and Documentation

ZOLL offers the most comprehensive pre-hospital and hospital data management systems available, including software solutions for EMS dispatch, field data collection, crew scheduling, billing and collections, and hospital code recording and reporting.

Why Data Management and Documentation Matters

Managing information more efficiently not only improves financial results, but also positively impacts critical outcomes. You cannot improve what you cannot measure – the benefits of electronic data collection include improved accuracy and more complete code data, ability to synchronize with defibrillator records for an accurate timeline, potential to interface with NRCPR to benchmark against the standards, and a complete code record for review during debriefing.

How ZOLL Data Management and Documentation Works

  • RescueNet® is a suite of fully integrated fire and EMS software solutions that streamlines operations by managing defibrillator resuscitation data from the time of the call through payment.
  • Defibrillator Dashboard is an asset management tool that ensures a maximal state of defibrillator readiness by alerting appropriate personnel of potential problems before a code.
  • Standard WiFi Communication sends information about ZOLL defibrillators' readiness and test records to the Defibrillator Dashboard.
  • SurePower Battery Management System eliminates blind, blanket battery replacements by helping you understand the demands your organization places on its defibrillator batteries.
  • CodeNet® captures and analyzes code event data, eliminating the problem of inaccurate, incomplete, and hard-to-manage data, and providing better information you can use to improve protocols, procedures and outcomes.

Related Products

CodeNet Resuscitation Data Management System

   CodeNet iPhone image  

CodeNet® is a better way to record and manage hospital resuscitation information. You can't improve what you can't measure. CodeNet allows a code documenter to record on a hand-held PDA the events of a code as it occurs. It's fast and accurate.

 Defibrillator Dashboard Software 

Defibrillator Dashboard product menu 

Defibrillator Dashboard is an asset management tool that ensures a maximum state of defibrillator readiness by alerting appropriate personnel, such as Biomedical Engineering, of potential problems before a code.