Welch Allyn Propaq LT


The one monitor you can deploy whenand whereyou need it most.

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 Propaq LT combo

Weighing in under 2 pounds, the Propaq® LT is a multipurpose patient monitor that’s flexible enough to be used in all types of terrain and environments. Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Propaq LT uses time-tested, durable Propaq technology to give you the accurate vital signs readings you need. Plus the Welch Allyn SmartCuf® NIBP technology provides accurate readings during motion. And since it’s tested to withstand a six-foot drop, it can easily endure all of the bumps and bruises that are a regular part of your day and still provide accurate patient data.

Everything you need when you’re first on scene

The AED Pro® is an exceptionally tough defibrillator that features advanced capabilities such as See-Thru CPR® artifact filtering and Real CPR Help® for real-time depth and rate feedback. If you already have an AED Pro or Propaq LT, you can simply add the other device and our unique carrying case to create your own combo. Together, they provide everything you need when you’re first on scene.