July 19, 2002

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ZOLL Registers Victory In Litigation Over Cardiac Science

Friday, July 19, 2002 – Burlington, MA, – ZOLL Medical Corporation (Nasdaq: ZOLL), a manufacturer of non-invasive cardiac resuscitation devices which provide pacing and defibrillation, today announced that the United States District Court for the Central District of California has issued its Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law detailing its reasons for denying a motion to issue a preliminary injunction against ZOLL’s AED Plus products filed on behalf of Cardiac Science Inc. (CSI) (Nasdaq: DFIB). These detailed, written Findings are the follow-up to the hearing held on July 1, 2002 at which the Honorable Stephen V. Wilson orally denied the motion to halt shipment of the AED Plus product.

This action is part of the suit brought by CSI in March 2002 against ZOLL alleging infringement by ZOLL’s products of two CSI patents, referred to as the ‘299 and ‘919 patents. ZOLL has previously characterized the suit as without merit and indicated that it would defend against improper allegations of infringement.

The Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law were issued this week. Concerning the CSI ‘299 patent, which claims the use of a force sensor to provide CPR feedback to the user, the court stated, “CSI is not likely to succeed in proving ZOLL liable for infringement of the ‘299 patent.” The court noted, “It is undisputed that the ZOLL AED Plus uses an accelerometer that measures displacement, not force.” The court stated, “The ordinary meaning of “force sensor” is a sensor that measures force… Specifically, every embodiment disclosed in the patent measures force, none measure acceleration, and nothing in the patent even mentions an accelerometer or any other type of sensor.”

In regard to the ‘919 patent, which claims pre-connected electrodes, the court stated, “ZOLL has raised a ‘substantial question’ concerning the validity of the ‘919 patent.” In this regard, the Court wrote, “The ‘919 patent fails to meet the written description requirement [of the US Patent Statute] regarding the ‘pre-connect’ feature of the asserted claims.”

Richard A. Packer, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZOLL, said, “This is a major victory for ZOLL in this matter. Judge Wilson had clearly studied the case, including the expert testimony and documentary evidence submitted by both parties prior to the hearing, focused the oral arguments on several key issues, such as the definition of a force sensor, and was firm and swift in his ruling. His written opinion is equally strong. It is clear that the court saw little merit in CSI’s allegations and has acted accordingly.”

Mr. Packer concluded, “ZOLL has stated from the start that there was no merit to CSI’s allegations. Frankly, we are puzzled by CSI’s motivations. We are prepared to take this to its conclusion and expect to prevail at trial, if necessary

ZOLL Medical Corporation, headquartered in Burlington, MA, designs, manufactures and markets an integrated line of proprietary, non-invasive resuscitation devices and disposable electrodes. Used by health care professionals to provide both types of cardiac resuscitation – pacing and defibrillation – these products are essential in the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest victims, both inside and outside the hospital. ZOLL also designs and markets software that automates collection and management of both clinical and non-clinical data for emergency medical service providers. ZOLL has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Australia, and business partners in all of the world’s major markets. For more information about ZOLL and its products, visit the ZOLL web site at www.zoll.com.

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